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November 30, 2021

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After the holiday shopping days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there is a day dedicated to giving to the charitable organizations that mean the most to you.


Donate to the Georgia Foundation for Agriculture today to strengthen programs such as our farmer mental health research program.

For many people the holiday season is a time of gratitude, joy and celebration, but for some there is an increased sense of loneliness and isolation during this time of year. With mental illness and stress on the rise, these “holiday blues” put many of our Georgia farmers at high risk.


The National Alliance on Mental Illness reports that 64% of people with mental illness report that the holidays make their conditions worse. The Georgia Foundation for Agriculture (GFA) is committed to finding answers and effective solutions for farmers who are struggling.

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Early next year, GFA will distribute a statewide mental well-being survey to collect detailed information as part of our efforts to better assist our farmers and farm workers. This is a follow up to the eye-opening pilot survey conducted this spring in partnership with Mercer University Rural Health Innovation Center.

Feelings of loneliness were experienced by about half of the farmers (48.3%), sadness or depression by 49.2%, and feelings of hopelessness by 31.6%. When asked if they had suicidal thoughts, 32.1% had thought about it at least once in the past year, with 11.8% of farmers thinking about it more than once a month, 8.4% at least weekly, and 1.7% daily. Click to read the full report.

Georgia Farmer
Well-Being Survey
Pilot Findings

It is more urgent than ever that we address the stigma surrounding mental health in our agricultural communities. It is okay to talk about the issues many are facing as farmers.


Start a Facebook fundraiser

To create a #GivingTuesday Facebook fundraiser for the Georgia Foundation for Agriculture, follow these steps. 

  1. Click Fundraisers in the left menu of your News Feed. 

  2. Click + Raise Money

  3. Select Nonprofit

  4. Select "Georgia Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture Inc"

  5. For fundraiser details, copy and paste the text below and upload the cover photo (linked here).

Statistics show that farmers are more likely to die by suicide than in many other occupations. The Georgia Foundation for Agriculture and Mercer University 2021 Survey for Georgia Farmer Well-Being found that feelings of loneliness were experienced by about half of the farmers (48.3%). Please make a donation to support my personal fundraising campaign this GivingTuesday. Farmer Mental Health Matters. Let’s grow stronger together this holiday season. #GrowingStrongerTogether #FarmerMentalHealthMatters

6. Click Create. 

Giving Tuesday Promotional Kit

Get social and help spread the word! Click the button below to download and use these graphics on your own social media.

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