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The Georgia Ag Experience is a unique STEM-based educational program that invites students across Georgia to explore the vast opportunities in agriculture. Our 36-foot mobile classroom showcases Georgia Agriculture on-the-road. We visit Georgia elementary schools and community organizations, targeting students in grades 3 through 5.  The Georgia Ag Experience uses technology and digital learning so students can take a deep-dive into different Georgia agricultural commodities.

Programming Includes:

  • 1 educational lesson prior to the experience

  • 1 hour in-person experience with self-guided study 

  • 1 post visit investigative research project

All curriculum was developed by professors in The University of Georgia in the College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences. The lesson plans meet Georgia state standards and incorporate STEM teaching practices. They will be updated periodically to keep pace with Georgia educational requirements and agricultural advancements. We aim to provide the same educational experience for every student. Our goal is to increase their knowledge of and attitude toward Georgia agriculture. To learn more about the program, click to download our school promotional flyer, here.

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