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In 2021 and 2022, GFA partnered with The Georgia Rural Health Innovation Center and students in Mercer University School of Medicine’s Rural Health Sciences Ph.D. program to study the mental well-being, stressors, and coping mechanisms for individuals in farm occupations. 

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The statewide survey confirmed most of the results of the pilot study, but showed that suicidal ideation was even more common than it was in the pilot study. One of the most astounding and worrisome results were that more than 60% of first-generation farmers had thought about dying by suicide in the past year, with almost 10% thinking about this daily.

Read the reports:

Click Here to Read Full Pilot Report

Click Here to Read Final Statewide Report


Female Farmers
Young Farmers
GFB County Office Powerpoint Presentation
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The Georgia Agriculture Wellness Alliance is a (newly-formed) coalition of farmers, nonprofits, colleges and universities, health organizations, state agencies, agricultural commissions/associations and agribusiness who work together toward a common goal of aligning efforts to improve the well-being of farmers and farming communities in Georgia. 

Download our interest flyer here


Foster networks of wellbeing in Georgia agricultural communities through resource sharing, training, and collaboration.


We envision a thriving, healthy and safe agriculture community in Georgia.


- Understanding

- Empowerment

- Compassion

- Hope

- Equity and Inclusion

- Collaboration

- Stewardship

- Accessibility


GOAL 1 : Identify priorities in research, outreach, education, and interventions

  • Assess current research and partner activities to collectively identify gaps and prioritize issues to further best practices and initiatives

  • Designate certain research efforts for member organizations

  • Explore, document, and promote existing models for mental well-being interventions

  • Set policy priorities to address systemic challenges for the farming community, especially vulnerable and underserved audiences

GOAL 2 : Identify strategic stakeholders, secure commitments, and create active partnerships to support farmer well-being efforts

  • Secure commitment from organizations that represent a diverse network within the Georgia agricultural community

  • Maintain and expand commitment from member organizations through meetings and events (i.e. summits, awards, etc.)

  • Facilitate connections and partnership development between member organizations

  • Empower member organizations to incorporate farmer wellness and safety program elements into their own programming

GOAL 3 : Develop an outreach network to reduce stigma & improve communication about rural stress and mental health

  • Disseminate results of individual and collective research through a variety of channels (e.g., white papers, academic journals, local media, social networks)

  • Create and promote a common language around farmer wellness and safety

  • Promote farm wellness and safety best practices (e.g., resources) education and training opportunities

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